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I'm Dr. Robert Shepherd, a clinical psychologist who has provided therapy to thousands of clients over more than thirty years. During this time, I've also built Myndplan, a confidential, evidence-based toolkit to support my clients' change efforts. Read on if you are looking for some easy-to-use, practical tools to help identify your key issues and how to overcome them. 

Build your unique profile

The Myndplan assessment is free, easy to complete, and confidential. It’s comprehensive, and considers your risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs, along with over two dozen elements and factors assessing your current mood states, sleep patterns, relationship health, and habits. You’ll see where you stand relative to other people, and can use these results to help identify where change is needed and how to make it happen.

Diagnostic Toolkit

Learn how to interpret your scan results and explore dozens of common diagnoses with the help of this bundle of courses. Audio, video, and text resources walk you through scan navigation and a comprehensive e-guide library.

Treatment Toolkit

This bundle includes 7 complete research-validated treatment programs. Learn the steps that go into effective therapy and put them into action in your own life. Plus, you can activate automated mood monitoring to help track your progress.

Get a free consult

Have some questions about how to get started on your own path to feeling better? I devote time each day to providing brief, one-off consults for people all over the world who want change but don't know where to start. Plus, there's no charge! If you would like to talk, drop me a line.