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Follow me as I explore, translate, and challenge the science behind current practices in psychotherapy. I've spent my career developing tools and resources for my clients and in the process have discovered that the science behind therapy can be enlightening, but is all too often misleading. If you are someone with an appetite for truth seeking on the topic of personal change techniques and therapy in general, sign up and join me for the journey.

It's about therapy

  • Key Facts provide summaries that translate current research into plain language.
  • Deep Dives explore the truth and fiction behind popular methods, theories, and trends.
  • Tips & Tactics offer useful handouts to support the therapy process.
  • Plus, I spice things up occasionally with Reviews, Practice Journal entries, and Lived Experience stories.

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The Fall Edition is now available!

Methods & Mind uses the same courseware format as the Myndplan Toolkits, which allows for a wide variety of media formats and makes it easy for you to pick and choose items that interest you. Plus, I've activated comments in case anyone wants to provide feedback or make requests. In the latest edition I look at the questions and controversies surrounding psychedelic-assisted therapies. Included are some recent examples of research in the field, along with my take on several key problems that undermine claims that these are "transformative" therapies.