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In addition to my work building Myndplan and offering brief consults for free, I manage a small private practice for residents of Ontario who want the full therapy experience. This page provides some information to help you understand what to expect, how the process unfolds, and how much it costs.

My Methods

Behaviour Therapy

...teaches you how best to respond rather than react when dealing with day-to-day tasks. Its focus is action as a change agent, in and of itself.

Neurodynamic Therapy

...helps you understand the inseparableness of mind and body, and how to use this knowledge to foster a more "top down" self management style.

Cognitive Therapy

...focuses on thoughts and beliefs that undermine your well-being. Here, the emphasis is on changing damaging scripts that play out in your head.

Humanistic Therapy

...emphasizes the use of empathic listening to open up true understanding, which provides a solid foundation for lasting change.

How do we meet?

I provide clients with secure access to Google Meet sessions. You don't require the app or a download to participate, just use your browser. It helps if you have a good internet connection.

What does it cost?

I offer a limited number of openings for new clients who reside in Ontario. Sessions are generally held once per week to start, and taper as you progress. Payment is on a per session basis, and can be made through e-transfer. My fee is 200$ hour.

Most health insurance plans cover some or all the costs of psychological services. Sessions are generally exempt from HST.