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Take your Myndplan Scan results to the next level with this helpful bundle of resources. Scan Navigation will help you interpret your scores, then explore how to use this information with the help of a comprehensive e-Guide library.

Scan Navigation

Start with a comprehensive tour of your profile. Scan Navigation walks you through your results step by step. Learn how to interpret Trend results, explore the meaning behind your Element scores for the emotion, social, energy, and appetite domains, and dig deep into your Factor scores. Use what you learn to identify whether one or more diagnoses might be relevant to your situation, and which of our E-Guides to reference.

E-Guide Library

Here's a multi-media resource kit that covers 20 of the most common mental health diagnoses. Each is a complete course covering key components, causes, and best-evidence treatments. Each e-guide opens with a series of video presentations reviewing key components, then provides dozens of brief, informative articles that can be read or listened to using the provided audio files.

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Diagnostic Toolkit