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Mental health e-tools that work

Myndplan Scans

The scans were developed to provide a secure and convenient online assessment of your positive and negative emotions, relationships to self and others, energy & arousal, and habits and appetites. They have undergone a rigorous development process using data from thousands of people to ensure that results provide a reliable and valid profile of your mental health and well-being. They’re free for anyone to use, and your confidential results are available immediately.

Diagnostic Toolkit

Anyone who completes the Myndplan Scans gets immediate access to their results, but much like the sort of testing done by labs for your doctor, you'll need some help interpreting what all the numbers mean. The Diagnostic Toolkit was built to help you do this on your own, wherever you are, and at no cost.

Treatment Toolkit

Psychotherapy is often a process that's cloaked in mystery and a healthy dose of psychological jargon. I've built a toolkit for you that takes out all the filler and reveals what's behind all the talking. Use it to learn about how therapy works, or to guide your own change efforts. And did I mention that it's free?

Therapist Resources

Our User Manual contains everything therapists need to understand and interpret their clients' free scan results. Use the scans in your practice and benefit from the insights they provide.

Myndplan in action

Over the years Myndplan has contributed to a variety of programs in real world treatment settings. Here's an example from an article (pages 22-24) describing how Myndplan's scans and Toolkits were used to help improve wait time in a clinic setting. It is part of an issue on integrating mental health services into primary care in the Innovations in Primary Care series published by the Canadian Association of Family Physicians.

Listen to the MindBody Matters podcast

This past summer I was interviewed by Greg Rennie for the episode Painkillers and Big Pharma: The Marketing of Medication. If you'd like to understand the sort of tac tics that confound the validity of mental health research and treatments, and get a taste for some of the experiences that inspired my work on Myndplan, you can you can listen to the podcast here,